1,000 new friends of Metzilah!
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1,000 new friends of Metzilah!

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The State of Israel is founded on a moving ideal which was elegantly expressed in the State’s Declaration of Independence. This ideal is the creation on a national home for the Jewish people in a state which also values and protects the dignity and rights of all of its citizens, without distinction between religion, nationality or gender.

In the last few years this ideal has faced many new and rising challenges, both internal and external. My friends at Metzilah and I believe that if we are able to preserve this foundational ideal, the state and people who live in it will flourish and bloom.

We seek an Israel that is both Jewish and democratic, and we act through nonpartisan means to clarify this ideal in the modern state and to implement it in public and policy discourse.

It's very important for me that we, all of us, participate in action.

To this end, we are launching an effort to get 1,000 new friends who will show their support and will contribute at least ₪18.

To double our impact, one of Metzilah’s donors has agreed to match these gifts, shekel for shekel.

Help us meet our goal! Join us and send my message to others.

This campaign will end November 29th 2012, on the anniversary of the UN resolution, 65 years ago, which decided in favor of a Jewish (alongside and an Arab one) in the Land of Israel. We will announce the results of this campaign shortly afterward.

Ruth Gavison
Founding President
Metzilah Center for Zionistic, Jewish, Liberal and Humanist Thought
Laureate/ prizewinner of Israel's prize for judicial investigation/research

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