Metzilah Center
The Metzilah Center

The Metzilah Center for Zionist, Jewish, Liberal and Humanist Thought combines an exciting ideological vision, sober strategic analysis and focused “real world” responses.


Jewish State

"…maintaining the vision of Israel as a Jewish, democratic and developed state, protective of the rights of all its citizens, is a huge challenge..."


"I want my country to respect the universal principles of human rights, humanism and liberalism even though it is undergoing an existential struggle…" (Professor Ruth Gavison)


We believe that public discourse, policy research and education hold the key to integrating Zionism, Jewish values and human rights in the Jewish State, and that the these values are critical for the enduring welfare of Israel and the Jewish people worldwide.


"… it is justified today- as it has been since the beginning of the Zionist movement- to search for a political solution that will meet the Jews' need to securely fulfill their right to national self determination…"

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